"One in ten women suffer with Endometriosis."



I am an endo warrior. And, chances are if you landed here, you are too. You are desperate for something, for anything to help navigate these challenging waters. Everything you are feeling and experiencing is valid. The emotional destruction, the trauma, and the loss of your ability to live life  are a very real  part of the endo experience. The feeling of losing control has hit us all.

The effects of endometriosis causes your nervous and immune systems to be constantly at war with the disease. Your body remains in flight or fight mode, unable to do routine maintenance or rest. This results in extreme stress on the body, and mind. 

 There's so much I wish I had  known while living with endometriosis. After my successful excision surgery, I felt compelled to help other women who are suffering. Looking back, there were three major things I was missing: support, safety, and control. I didn't feel safe, I didn't feel in control of my life, my body or my mind. I felt like no one understood what I was going through. These three things have become my focus in helping other women navigate this disease. I can help you establish a feeling of safety and control to allow your mind and body to get to  a better place. This  would not be a cure, but rather would provide support to better manage the effects of endometriosis. Knowing you are supported is healing itself!

 Having a "tool box" during difficult times is essential. The tools allow for the self-care that  is essential. It can be difficult to get beyond the hopeless feelings, I know. But with practice and consistency, these tools can help soothe the effects of endometriosis. 

Yoga can help soothe your mind and relax your body, making pain less intense. Yoga taught me to love myself again, and to take my power back. It taught me how to utilize my breath, and to take it one day at a time.

 My yoga for endo focuses on gentle and restorative practices that encourage relaxation in the abdomen and pelvis, the two areas women with endometriosis often feel pain and become guarded. Gentle and restorative practices coupled with breath work and mindfulness, help to bring you into a calmer mindset, which shifts your level of discomfort. The body heals best when not in a stressed, flight or fight state. 

 I encourage you to check out my blog for more suggestions on ways to help you through this. I am here, available to support and hold space for you. Whether it's simply talking or figuring out a routine that will help, I am here. Please reach out and connect. You are not alone!